Augmented Thinking

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Human + Human + Machine Intelligence

Draw Knowledge. Literally.

The human-centred knowledge platform for everyone to work openly, collaboratively and effectively on the world’s complex challenges.

We build a distributed operating system to augment collective problem-solving and decision-making abilities. Augmentation means to combine the best of AI and human abilities to uncover deep insights intuitively.

Problem: The Intelligence gap

Organisations and individuals alike are overwhelmed by the exponential growth of data. While we see breakthroughs in machine intelligence, human intelligence gains remain stagnant. *

Garry Kasparov’s Law states a weak human + machine + better process surpasses a stronger machine, as well as stronger human + machine + inferior process. A process we call “Augmenting Collective Intelligence” will close the gap.

Human + Human + Machine Intelligence
Human + Human + Machine Intelligence

Our vision

Our vision is to enable everyone to solve problems by making all knowledge actionable. Our first mission is a human-centric, AI-powered, open platform that visualises information in order to identify opportunities and resources for problem solving.


We are recent graduates of the Global Innovation Design master’s programme, jointly run by Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. While our backgrounds vary from visual communication to mechanical engineering and architecture, our interests are even more diverse. We are life-long learners, passionate about social and environmental impact, and like to ask the difficult questions.

Are you a NLP expert? We have:

open positions ✌️🔮👨‍🚀

Johannes Mutter

Johannes Mutter

MA RCA, MSc Imperial (First Class)
System Design, UX, Frontend


Alexander Davies

Alexander Davies

MA RCA, MSc Imperial, Berkeley
Marketing, Strategy, Architecture


Jeffrey Pickett

Jeffrey Pickett

MA RCA, MSc Imperial, EPFL
Operation, Finance, Engineering


Helen van Baal

Helen van Baal

MA RCA, MSc Imperial, Harvard Teaching Fellow
Design Thinking, User Research, Education-Specialist

Service DesignInnovationEducation

Our Advisors

Nick Coutts

Nick Coutts

former Vice President GDCS IBM, Chairman Smartology

Global StrategyService DesignBusiness Processes

Peter Buxmann

Prof. Dr. Peter Buxmann

Head of Computer Science, TU Darmstadt, Author, Speaker

Artificial IntelligenceDigital TransformationSocial Collaboration

Stephann Makri

Dr. Stephann Makri

Senior Lecturer HCI, City University of London

SerendipityInformation ScienceHuman-Computer-Interaction

Jonathan Edelman

Dr. Jonathan Edelman

Visiting Professor, HPI

Design ThinkingProduct DesignInnovation Algorithms

Open Positions

CTO/ Data Scientist/ Back End Developer

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The Short — We’re a small start-up in the early founding phase of an ambitious and exciting project looking for a fifth member to join our team. The vision of Augmented Thinking is to radically change the way we use knowledge in order to better solve the world’s problems. We’re looking for someone who is excited to build something that might get as big as Google and bold enough to give it a shot. You’re an entrepreneur at heart, a team player and not afraid to leave your comfort zone.



Nice To Haves

As an early hire, the more hats you can juggle, the better. We welcome autonomy in smart decision making and self-directed just-do-it types. If you don’t have all the skills listed, but are willing to learn, apply. If this sounds exciting, send your CV, github and a brief letter of motivation to: